Strategica E-volution creates its own solutions based on customer's specific needs and contexts and then presents a path of growth and development.

Strategica E-volution's solutions can be of a different nature depending on the nature of the client, Public Administration or Enterprise, as well as for the area or subject of interest, Corporate Organization, Public Procurement, Tourism Marketing or Internationalization.

Services for Public Administration

  • Business organization

  • Support company to participate in European and international public procurement

  • Territorial systems' Internationalization 

  • Scouting funding opportunities

  • Research and support for partnerships between public bodies 

  • International marketing plan  

  • Organizing B2B meetings, educational tours, conferences abroad to promote the territory

  • Arrange: visits, fairs and institutional twinning

  • Communication activities support 

  • Planning and implementation of training activities about internationalization process

Services for Companies

  • Business organization

  • Tenders 

  • Tourism Marketing and Internationalization