Services for PA

There is a growing interest by the Public Administration to use procurement as vectors for lasting development and innovation.

This requires mentorship programs to help using technical, managerial and cognitive tools to be combined with laws knowledge.

For this reason, we suggest these solutions:

Strategic Needs Assessment (goods, works and services )
• Assistance in the implementation of the Best Value Procurement
• Design and execution of in-house training courses on Public Procurement
• Conferences, events and seminars on Public Procurement
• Providing information and support about European legal and regulatory framework
Support and management assistance
• Creation of tools or IT supports for customer needs

Services for companies

Public procurement market in the European Union countries, to which the partner countries can be added, for interested and capable companiesallow to take on the ever more real challenge and increase their productive and creative capacity.

However, this makes it necessary to acquire information and instruments that companies generally do not have.

For this reason, we suggest these solutions:

• Access to databases of tenders with high profiling level

• Assistance and advice on Contract and Public Procurement

Partnerships building

• Support and Coaching to participate in National Public Procurement

• Support and Coaching to participate in International Public Procurement